It actually depends on the season, the type of the tour, also your luck.
Normally tours are made in a way not to exceed 15 person per tour, but sometimes our customers reschedule or maybe cancel their tours for a certain day, so you might have a tour with totally 5-7 or more, but surely not more than 15 person.

Yes we do, Although Private tours are more expensive, but having a private tour in Turkey with an experienced and licensed Guide, means that you can focus more on the parts of the tour that you like most, and you will be able to customize your tour the way you like.

Most of the cases they are not included, and that is because they are changing every minute, so we leave the price of international flight to be decided on a short time basis.

No actually, in every destination that you plan to visit, you will join a different group of people from all around the world.

Our tours are performed daily and they vary from 2 hours tour up to 11 hour tours, every tour actually has a special time for pick up and drop off.