Privacy Policy

We collect only volunteered information

Turkey Tours Shop only takes personal information that you voluntarily provide. The information that we get are to identify who you are, and those contain full name, your phone number and/or your e-mail address.


We collect information to benefit you

This collected personal information are for us to be able of handling your online reservation procedure, and to get in touch with you when it is needed, also to send you our special offers, new services that may suite your needs or requests.


We use your personal Information in the most responsible way

Turkey Tours Shop respects the privacy of all clients. We do our best importance to ensure that your personal information that you provide when visiting our web site, is kept secure and used carefully. Turkey Tours Shop does all that is needed to protect your personal information including contact information and credit card information from being shared with any other person or entity.


Privacy of your Information

No third parties will ever be able to get your information, since Turkey Tours Shop

Does not deal or sell customers information under any circumstances.

Only the other co-operating partners (if any) will be able to get in touch with you, and that is only for them to be able enough to complete their part of the services you need to get.

If it is required to provide your information to the authorities, or when it is needed to comply with some regulations and laws provided and applied upon you.

Protecting your information is our priority

We understand the deal of trust you need to have in us, in order to make your reservations and transaction with us online, and we in turn appreciate this trust and do our best to protect your personal information.

Our database will keep your information safe, and all our database are protected by many levels of passwords and security conditions, and in some stage we may store your information as hard copies, and then delete your personal information from our system.


We might use some software which will track the traffic of our customers, this will provide us a better understanding of our customers, and will help us to offer them a better experience.


Access to our web site may include the use of cookies. But it is an option for you to stop any cookies by changing the settings of your internet browser.

As you visit our website, we believe that you have the right to learn as much as possible about our policy regarding your personal information and your privacy with Turkey Tours Shop.