all Travelers over the age of 18 who does not have two doses of COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago or have not had the disease ,have to submit a negative PCR test done within 48 hours before the flight.

Reservation and payment questions

When you check one of our tours and wish to book it, you will need to:

Contacting us by filling the contact form that exists in the tour page, or just visit the contact us page, try to speak in details about what you want to do, and be as exact as possible about the visit dates, or at least when do you want to book the tour that you choose.

We reply with the best options and will offer you with programs, prices, suggestions and details about all related issues to your requested tour program or needs.

Deposit payment of 30% of the total, since we need to book local flights, hotels and other services related to your tour, we will need that deposit payment to be done.

Receiving payment confirmation, we will inform you as soon as we receive your payment by e-mail, if necessary also we will call you by phone to organize and inform.

We basically have 4 types through which you can make your payment, you can use, bank transfer, Western union or mail order.
we can also send you a link for online payment, this is a way that we generally prefer, since it is totally safe, and the payment will receive immediately (fast payment means less changes in the tour prices, flight prices and etc.)

When you come to Turkey, we will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, or you can visit us in any of our offices, there you will make the rest of the payment which is 70%, it can also be in cash, credit card or bank transfer.
All currencies are accepted if the payment is in cash, and if the payment is made by credit card or a bank transfer, it is recommended to make the payment by US Dollars or Euros.

Whatever is written in your tour program, it is what you will exactly get.
There are no hidden fees, we normally write every included or excluded item of the tour program, in this way you will know what you are paying for.

You do not need to print any documents, receipts or tickets related to your tour in Turkey before you come.
When you arrive in Turkey, we will deliver any necessary documents, papers or tickets that you will need to start your tour program in Turkey.

We do not arrange visas to Turkey, but if necessary and after you book your tour with us, we can deliver a letter that confirms your tour reservations, which might be helpful in some cases.
Some countries are eligible for e-visas which can be bought from this website;

According to the time zone of the country where you live, there might be some delay in our response to your booking request or inquiry emails.
Normally we answer your requests within 24 hours after you contact us, and mostly less than 24 hours.

Since we will ask for your name, international flight details, we will be able to organize picking you up from the airport, and we will inform you of any other necessary information related to pick up time or way.


It actually depends on the season, the type of the tour, also your luck.
Normally tours are made in a way not to exceed 15 person per tour, but sometimes our customers reschedule or maybe cancel their tours for a certain day, so you might have a tour with totally 5-7 or more, but surely not more than 15 person.

Yes we do, Although Private tours are more expensive, but having a private tour in Turkey with an experienced and licensed Guide, means that you can focus more on the parts of the tour that you like most, and you will be able to customize your tour the way you like.

Most of the cases they are not included, and that is because they are changing every minute, so we leave the price of international flight to be decided on a short time basis.

No actually, in every destination that you plan to visit, you will join a different group of people from all around the world.

Our tours are performed daily and they vary from 2 hours tour up to 11 hour tours, every tour actually has a special time for pick up and drop off.