10 Best Hotels in Cappadocia
Best hotels in Cappadocia

It is a fact that the hotel classification of Cappadocia hotels and cave hotels is not quite measured by stars, it is measured with Services, design and location. Though Turkey tours shop experience, we will list 10 best hotels in Cappadocia with the contact information for you.


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10 best hotels in Cappadocia :


Museum cave Hotel

Museum cave hotel is located in the western entrance of Cappadocia, and it is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia for its high service, big cave rooms and very nice terrace from which you can observe the balloons while they fly in the air.

It is evaluated as a 4 star hotel, and well evaluated, Just check then and you will understand.

In Museum cave hotel there are 30 rooms and suites of different types and sizes, all of them are very well restored, and some of these rooms have names according to the style, view or furniture.

Museum cave Hotel
Best Hotels in Cappadocia – Museum cave hotel

Museum cave hotel information

Website: https://www.museumhotel.com.tr/

Address:  Tekelli mah. No.1 Uçhisar 50240 Nevşehir, Cappadocia – Turkey

Phone: +90 384 219 2220

Email: info@museumhotel.com.tr

Location: https://cutt.ly/pbWQZ3E


Hera Cave Suites

Hera cave suites was established and is managed by a well-known family of local Turks in Cappadocia, so if you want to get it right in Cappadocia, you need to book a room in Hera cave suites, and also keep in touch with the local lovely team, they will help you totally in every aspect related to your stay.

Surrounded by all the historical flavor of Cappadocia, Hera cave suites offers you a very nice and clean rooms ranging from the standard rooms up to family size rooms, so if you are a group, and intend to have a tour in Cappadocia this will be a nice, luxury and economic at the same time.

Hera cave suites cave hotel
Hera cave suites hotel

Hera cave suites hotel information

Website: https://www.heracavesuites.com/

Address: Uzundere Cad. No: 37 Göreme Nevşehir – Turkey

Phone: +90 384 271 3038

Email: info@heracavesuites.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/jbWQVCi


Sultan Cave Suites

As one of the well branding hotels in Goreme, Sultan cave suites hotel continues to astonish all visitors with its well services, and the location in the middle of all Cappadocia destinations, landmarks and ancient historical scenes.

Residing in Sultan cave suites hotel and using the terrace to watch the hot air balloons is another flavor that is worth it.

In the hotel there is a restaurant and a cultural center in which meetings, concerts take place continuously.

With almost 10 types of rooms and suites, you can choose yours out of 35 rooms in total.

Sultan Cave Suites
Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites hotel information

Website: https://www.sultancavesuites.com/en


Phone: +90 384 271 30 23 / +90 530 576 6950


Location: https://cutt.ly/7bWQMi0


Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Kelebek cave hotel is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia, it is located within the old city and has a total of 35 rooms and cave suites.

Kelebek cave hotel offers magnificent views over the village, and to the valleys and mountains beyond.

You can hardly find a reservation in this hotel within the tourism season, and a as Turkey tour shop agency, we are well aware of this fact.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel
Best Hotels in Cappadocia – Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel information

Website: https://www.kelebekhotel.com

Address: Aydınlı Mahallesı Yavuz Sokak No 1 Goreme / Cappadocia / Nevsehir

Phone: +90 384 271 25 31 / +90 538 400 2520

Email: ali@kelebekhotel.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/abWQ1DH


Lunar Cappadocia Hotel

It is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia, and it locates in the center of Cappadocia town.

Special 27 rooms of lunar cave hotel are available for you, and from the terraces available in Lunar Cappadocia hotel, you can watch not only the hot air balloons, but also the moon at night is another extraordinary thing to watch in the calm nights of Cappadocia.

Lunar Cappadocia Hotel
Lunar Cappadocia Hotel

Lunar Cappadocia Cave Hotel information

Website: https://lunarcappadocia.com

Address: Aydinli Mahallesi, Görceli Sokak No:12

Phone: +90 384 271 2383

Email:  info@lunarcappadocia.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/RbWQ2dy


Yunak Evleri

Get ready to choose your cave room in one of the 10 cave houses in which there are 120 private cave rooms in Yunak Evleri cave hotel in Cappadocia.

This is a stay that you’ll never regret in the region of Urgup-Cappadocia, and there you will get best service in your cave room at Cappadocia.

In Yunak Evleri there are also 2 outdoor swimming pools with a fine view to fairy chimneys & rock formation and also an indoor Spa Center.

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel
Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel information

Website: http://www.yunak.com/

Address: Yunak Mahallesi 50400 Ürgüp / Nevşehir / Turkey

Phone: +90 384 341 69 20

Email:  yunak@yunak.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/obWQ9bE


Argos cave

Need one of Cappadocia best hotels to stay? This is one of them.

Located in the south western gate of Cappadocia ancient city, Argos cave hotel is there to welcome you into another world of wonders.

The location of Argos cave hotel is also adjacent to the Uchisar castle, and also close to most of Cappadocia’s destinations and charms.

You can choose your cave living experience out of 51 different cave rooms in Argos cave hotel.

Argos Cave Hotel
Argos Cave Hotel

Argos Cave Hotel information

Website: https://www.argosincappadocia.com/home-page

Address: Aşağı, Kayabaş Sk., 50240 Uçhisar/Merkez/Nevşehir

Phone: +90 384 219 31 30

Email:  aic@argosincappadocia.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/ibWQ3kF


Carus hotel

Carus cave hotel is another one Cappadocia best hotels, and it is established within the rocks of the ancient city in a way that allows anyone to pass through to keep the experience the authentic atmosphere of Göreme town.

Carus cave hotel in Cappadocia has a total of 49 rooms in which you can get different options and styles of accommodations in Cappadocia.

Carus cave Hotel
Carus cave Hotel

Carus cave Hotel information

Website: https://www.caruscappadocia.com/

Address: Avcılar Mahallesi, İsali Gaferli, Manav Çıkmazı Sokak No:2, 50180 Merkez/Nevşehir

Phone: +90 384 271 27 11

Email: info@caruscappadocia.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/lbWQ8HQ


Kayakapi hotel

Being in Urgup town and offering a quality service has made Kayakapi cave hotel one of Cappadocia best hotels.

With a rating of 4.7 of its visitors, practically Kayakapi cave hotel is a 5 star hotel, although the mean status of it is 4 star hotel.

Be a Cappadocian guest in Kayakapi cave hotels with its historical neighborhood, and its 10th Century Cave Church, the Historical Mosque dated back to Seljuq Empire and the House of St. John the Russian.

Kayakapi cave Hotel information
Kayakapi cave Hotel information

Kayakapi cave Hotel information

Website: https://www.kayakapi.com/

Address: Kayakapı, Kuşçular Sokak No:43, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

Phone: +90 384 341 88 77

Email:  contact@kayakapi.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/IbWQ7yM


Anatolian Houses

A total of 34 cave rooms, with a great attention to details of service made Anatolian houses one of the best Cappadocia cave hotels.

You can already imagine the balloons flying over your hotel while you feel the greatness of history within Anatolian houses hotel.

Anatolian houses cave Hotel
Anatolian houses cave Hotel

Anatolian houses cave Hotel information

Website: https://www.anatolianhouses.com.tr/

Address: Gaferli mah. 50180 Goreme-Nevsehir TURKEY

Phone: +90 384 271 2463

Email:  info@anatolianhouses.com.tr

Location: https://cutt.ly/mbWQ5xN


Imperial Cave Suites & SPA

Imperial cave suites hotel is located in the center of Cappadocia where you are close to Goreme Open Air Museum, Pasabag, Devrent and Love Valleys and many other touristic attractions, maybe this is why it is considered as one of the best hotels in Cappadocia.

Feel at home at any of the 23 cave comfortable rooms at Imperial cave suites, and enjoy the high rated services with the flavor of the great history and fairy stories of the stone chimneys of Cappadocia.

Imperial Cave Suites & SPA
Imperial Cave Suites & SPA

Imperial Cave Suites Hotel information

Website: https://www.imperialcavesuites.com/

Address: Gaferli Mah. Haci Ismail Efendi Sk. No:33  50180 Goreme / NEVSEHIR

Phone: +90 384 271 2056 / + 90 532 354 1150

Email:  info@imperialcavesuites.com

Location: https://cutt.ly/2bWQ6tf