Shopping in Cappadocia Tour
Shopping in Cappadocia

Shopping in Cappadocia is an important activity added to the fun of tours on the wonders of this region and its historical landmarks, as most of what you will buy in Cappadocia will be handmade, which gives it more value, and in this article you will learn about the most important things that you can do while shopping in Cappadocia.


Shopping in Cappadocia – handmade carpets

The carpet industry in Cappadocia is not new to the people of this region; it has existed for hundreds of years.

By visiting the handmade carpet store, you can choose a size that suits your taste, and if your choice is difficult to carry, the shop owners can help you ship this carpet to wherever you want.

Shopping in Cappadocia - handmade carpets
Shopping in Cappadocia – Handmade |Carpets

Take some pictures inside the carpet shop in Cappadocia and keep them to remember your beautiful moments there.


Shopping in Cappadocia, Ceramic bowls

While shopping in a beautiful place like Cappadocia, you can visit the ceramic bowl shops that sell plates, vases, and other dishes of various sizes.

Shopping in Cappadocia - Ceramic Bowls
Shopping in Cappadocia – Ceramic Bowls

Handmade ceramic pots in Cappadocia contain amazing and wonderful engravings and designs at the same time.

Their colors reflect the luxury of the place and the depth of history and originality. In fact, you cannot help but buy one of these bowls to put on one of your shelves, and give a new flavor to your house.


While shopping in Cappadocia for these things, you can find prices starting at 10 dollars per piece and increasing with the size of the piece and the degree of professionalism in its manufacture.


Pottery in Cappadocia

Pottery vessels are basically traditional in this region, as everything must be derived from the simple materials that the soil of this Cappadocia provides.

Pottery shop hand made terracotta pots
Pottery shop hand made terracotta pots

When you visit the pottery store in Cappadocia, you will be able to see bowls of various sizes, some of which are intended for drinking and others are made for the purpose of decoration only, and there are colored earthenware bowls, some of which are the color of the original pottery.


Pottery bowls for water are characterized by the presence of pores in the earthenware bowl that allow the water inside to cool, not like ceramic bowls, and if you drink water from a clay bowl, you will notice how cold and delicious it is.


Shopping for souvenirs in Cappadocia

Souvenirs in Turkey are many, and you can get various sizes of souvenirs that are usually made of wood, pottery, and ceramics.

Shopping for souvenirs in Cappadocia
Shopping for souvenirs in Cappadocia

From the ornate ashtray to pots and vases, these are all easy to find in Cappadocia, and you will find models of the most important tourist attractions in Cappadocia.


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