Antalya Old city 7 destination full day tour
Antalya Old city 7 destination full day tour

Antalya old city tour

On Antalya old city tour, you are invited to visit Antalya, which is the 2nd famous destination in Turkey. If you are visiting Antalya for the first time, and want to know about its value since Roman time up to now, this tour should be a must do activity Among Antalya tours.

Be with us and check the Antalya old city 7 destination full day tour program, it goes as follows:


Antalya Old City Tour Program


Pick up

After your breakfast in your hotel, at around 09:00 AM, wait at the lobby and we will pick you up to start Antalya old city tour.



It is the first station on your Antalya old city trip, Kaleici with its narrow streets and close houses, will hug all the visitors who pass these streets.

Antalya tour Kaleici
Antalya old city tour Kaleici

Since the Romans and until the Ottoman Empire, Kaleici was a very important center for many civilizations, and nowadays also it will be a very comfortable place with its boutique Hotels, restaurants that offers you a nice stay with the flavor of history.


Kaleici was the protection line around the Roman harbor, and that was of a great importance for the life of all its inhabitants, it was the lung through which Romans took breath at that time.


Most of the buildings of Kaleici are old and historical, that’s why they are protected by the government to keep the beauty and original flavor of this area.


The Hadrian’s Gate

At the time of the roman emperor Hadrian, Hadrian’s Gate was named after him, and it is a three arches, one for each gate.

Antalya tour Hadrian's gate
Antalya tour Hadrian’s gate

The legend says that the Queen Belkis who was the governor of Sheba, went under these gates on the wat to visit the king Solomon.


The large walls of this city played a great role in protecting the inside of it, and that’s why it was very well preserved until it was discovered later on.


Be the lucky one to pass under the same gates where many emperors passed through history, get the coolest photos nearby these gates.


The Broken Minaret

The building which was a Roman temple in the past, was turned into a mosque with a Minaret later on.

Antalya tour broken minaret
Antalya old city tour broken minaret

Actually this Minaret was changed from a church into mosque, and then again into church, until it became a mosque at the time of Sehzade Korkut the son of the Ottoman sultan Beyazit II.


Although the building witnessed many fights, wars and damage of fire, still its minaret stands to tell the story of the old struggles.


Lunch break

Antalya, with its rich and fresh agricultural resources, will offer you lunch in one of the local restaurants. Get enough energy to continue your Antalya old city tour.


Antalya old city – HIDIRLIK TOWER

HIDIRLIK TOWER was built in the Hellenistic time, and it was made to protect the old city, some references also say that it was made as a light house.

Antalya tour Hidirlik tower
Antalya tour Hidirlik tower

The tower is built nearby the sea and the city walls, and it has a circular shape with the height of 14 meters. One of the gates of the tower leads to a small room inside it.


Nowadays, HIDIRLIK TOWER stands among many restaurants, Cafes and hotels that have a view of Antalya’s Gulf.



Meet the nature of Antalya when visiting the Duden waterfall, it is formed by the water of Duden River, and leads to the Mediterranean Sea in a great view.

Antalya tour Duden waterfall
Antalya tour Duden waterfall

At the place where the cascades fall into the Mediterranean, there is an attractive park. In spring when there is a plenty of water, you will have a sight not to be missed.



This Museum exists thanks to the Sultan’s teacher Suleyman Fikri Bey, since he noticed that the Italians “who occupied Antalya after the first world war” were transferring many of the most valuable pieces of the museum, and he took the initiative, and was the volunteer officer to collect and preserve the ancient antiques which stand up till today.

Antalya tour Archeological museum
Antalya tour Archeological museum

Be Antalya’s guest and have a great tour into the museum, get enough explanation about the existing pieces by your tour guide.


Drop off to hotel

At the end of Antalya old city 7 destination full day tour, at around 04:30 Pm, you will be dropped to your hotel in Antalya, with the wishes to meet you again in another trip of our company.


Tour includes

– An English speaking tour guide.

– Hotel transportation in an air-conditioned car.

– Entrance fees to museums and rented places.

– Lunch during the trip.


Tour does not include

Personal expenses, tipping.


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