Bursa Tour one day trip from Istanbul
Bursa Tour

Bursa tour includes car and sea transfers, the old Bursa tree, Uludag Mountain, cable car ride, shopping, Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum, silk markets.


Bursa Tour Program

In the early morning after breakfast, be ready in the reception section of the hotel where you stay at the time agreed upon with Turkey Tours Shop, and our representative will pass to be picked up to start your Bursa tour.


The way to Bursa will be by land and sea at the same time, where you will spend about 2 up to 2.5 hours, mostly by bus, and about half an hour will be ferry boat, as the entire bus will enter the ferry boat and leave the bus while you are on the boat to enjoy the view of the sea.


Upon arrival in the city of Bursa, you will visit the historical and perennial tree “CINAR AĞACI” and spend time at this tree, which has the size of a single branch equivalent to a small tree.


You will have time and opportunity to take memorial photos at this tree and to sit in the restaurant and cafe under the perennial tree, where you can have some drinks.


We recommend eating seasonal fruits from the small popular shops located around the historical Bursa tree, as they are delicious and their prices are cheap.


Then you move to visit the natural honey factories, which is an opportunity for each person to obtain honey from a 100% natural source. Taste these fresh, local products of Bursa city.


Visiting Uludag Mountain is one of the most important stops of the Bursa tour, where you will have a break to get lunch in one of Bursa restaurants on the mountain.


Have free time on the mountain to walk and take photos, and for those who want to take a jeep safari tour (this will be at an additional cost).


If your trip is at winter season and if there is snow on the mountain, there will also be an opportunity for you to ski or rent a snowmobile.


After the free time, which takes about 45 minutes, you will move to the cable car station and the cable car to go down from Mount Uludag, to see that the city of Bursa has a small size due to the high altitude of Uludag Mountain.


As you approach the ground little by little, you will be able to fully discover the city of Bursa from the top, usually for cable car in Bursa there are two stages where your tour guide will provide you with the necessary information and instructions.


Upon reaching the bottom of Uludag Mountain, the bus will be waiting for you to ride, where you will visit the Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum, in addition to the Silk Market in Bursa, where you will visit these landmarks in addition to shopping for silk products and other Turkish products from local Turkish markets.


Upon completion, you will head to Istanbul, where you will continue on your way to one of the most famous sweets shops in Turkey that is called “lokum”. There you will find various types of Turkish sweets and you will learn about the most important products in one place.


Upon arrival in Istanbul, the driver will drive you to your hotel. This will be the end of your tour in Bursa for today.


Bursa tour includes:

1- All transfers will be pick up from the hotel and back to the hotel.

2- Lunch and cable car tickets.

3- An accompanying tour guide during the tour.

4- Visiting all the places mentioned in the program.


Trip does not include:

1- Medical services.

2- Personal expenses.

3- Additional activities such as a jeep safari tour and rental of skis and snowmobiles.


Q & A of Bursa tour

Why Bursa city tour?

When you mention tourism in Turkey, the green Bursa tour is one of the most important trips, because tourism in Bursa brings together history, entertainment and shopping in one time and place.


Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and is the fourth rank in Turkey as for the number of mosques.


Also, entertainment in available with the cable car tour that will roam and climb to Mount Uludag, that will be an interesting and unforgettable one.


Shopping for Turkish products will have a distinctive character in the markets of Bursa, where the goods are fresh and homemade, and do not forget that this trip will include traveling through a beautiful road and a pleasant sea, meaning that just the road for this trip is fun in itself.


How long is the Bursa trip?

The departure time for this flight is usually between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning and the return time is around 11:00 in the evening.


How long does it take to get to Bursa?

It will take you about 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the city of Bursa by land and sea, and the same time you will need to return to Istanbul from Bursa.


Is this trip suitable for all ages?

This trip is suitable for all ages, only the tourist should be able to walk for normal and not long distances, and it contains stations within serviced areas where toilets and other services can be found.


What about the pick-up time?

The pick-up time that we will provide you, is the time to start waiting and be ready in the reception section of the hotel in which you are staying, and usually when you start waiting, the representative of the tour company will come to pick you up from the hotel within half an hour or less.


Are there any tips to take when making a Bursa trip?

– Since you will have your breakfast at the hotel and your lunch will be included in the flight (included in the price) and the estimated return time to the hotel is around 11:00 pm, it is better to have some light food such as snacks, chips, or nuts for the road Return from Bursa in case you feel hungry.


– Keep in mind that you will return late from the Bursa city flight, which means that getting up the next day to do any other activity may be difficult very early, so choose the date of this trip so that the next day you have the possibility to take a sufficient amount of sleep in the morning early.


– Try to take vitamins while you are in Turkey to increase your immunity and maintain activity, as most tourists spend a lot of time outside and get tired and may be exposed to new germs and viruses that their bodies are not accustomed to.


– It is preferable to have in your travel bag aspirin pills or a painkiller and fever reducer in case you have any emergency, these things are available in any pharmacy in Turkey, but having them with you in advance would be easy.


– In the event that you are in the winter, the Bursa trip is considered cold, not only because of the winter season, but because you will visit Uludag Mountain, and the temperature will be cold due to the altitude, so do not forget to bring suitable clothes for the winter.


What should I avoid to make my trip to Bursa the best it can be?

Try to be in the hotel within the reception department, or at least in your room, so that our representative would find you easily, otherwise he may consider you not present or he may consider that you decided not to go and may leave without you after waiting a little and asking about you and after trying to communicate With you over the phone if you provided it.


Avoid eating any food that are heavy on the stomach during the trip that may cause you any food allergy.


How to do Bursa Tour by myself?

Visiting Bursa by yourself is possible, but in this case you will not be able to visit all the places mentioned in the program.


Travelling to Bursa from Istanbul will be by taking a taxi, from your hotel to the YENIKAPI FERIBOT marine station, and from there you will ask about the next trip available by sea and you will book your trip to Bursa.


The road will take about two and a half hours on average, the port of arrival will be mostly the port of Mudanya ISKELESI?


Upon arrival in Bursa, use public transportation or take a taxi to Uludag Mountain or to any other place you want to visit within the city of Bursa.


Returning from Bursa will be in the same way from Mudanya port across the sea to the Yeni Kapi port in Istanbul and from there you will take a taxi to the hotel where you stay.


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