Dinner Cruise In Istanbul

Spend your night with us on a dinner cruise in Istanbul that you’ll never forget. Seize the chance of being in the Bosphorus between the two continents in Istanbul, while enjoying a Turkish show of many flavors.


Dinner cruise in the Bosphorus is the best option if you want to celebrate with your partner, friends or family. Also it is the best gift that you can offer to your beloved ones.


What to expect in the Bosphorus dinner cruise?

  • Enjoying your dinner on a boat.
  • Memorable times between Asia and Europe continents.
  • A great view of the city lights on both sides of the Bosphorus.
  • The show of mixed dances that will be the flavor of the night.


Dinner Cruise in the Bosphorus of  Istanbul


Pick up

If you are staying within the common hotels around the Bosphorus like Taksim, SultanAhmet … etc. you will be picked up at around one hour before the start of the tour.


Since the Bosphorus dinner cruise starts practically at around 08:00 PM, then you will probably be picked up at around 07:00 PM. Actually the pick-up time depends on the location of your hotel and how far it is from the location of the Boat, so you need to contact Turkey Tours Shop team anyway, and we will provide you with the most accurate pick up time.


After a Short transfer to the Boat of the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, you will be welcomed into the Boat, and you will be assisted to have your table.


Start of the Cruise in the Bosphorus

At around 08:00 o’clock, you will start your boat trip, so try as much as you can to keep an eye on the beautiful city lights on the Asian and European sides of the great city of Istanbul.


Serving the Dinner

You will have the choice of one of these options for Dinner: Meat, Chicken or Fish meat, also there are special meals for vegetarian guests.

As your order is being taken, the boat will have already started to Move in the water of the Bosphorus.


Night show on the boat

A team of many expert dancers will start their performance, you will enjoy watching traditional and modern kinds of dancing on the boat, also belly dancer will be a part of the show, there will be a chance for you to dance with your partner for a while.

The beauty of the music and the harmony of the dancing will make this one of the best shows to have in the great Istanbul.


End of dinner cruise and Drop off to hotel

At around 12:00 midnight you the dinner cruise will end and you will be dropped back to your hotel again, with our wishes to meet you again in another tour of our Tour shop.


Q & A of the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise


How can I book the dinner cruise tour with night show?

You can just contact Turkey tours shop team, and we will assist you and organize your booking.


Can I pay on the boat?

After the down payment, you can complete your payment on the boat in Dollars, Euros or in Turkish liras.


How long is the dinner cruise tour?

The dinner cruise tour is practically around 3.5 hours long, but surely you will need to be ready for the pick up at around 07:00.


Is this tour convenient for kids?

This tour allows smoking and having Hubble bubble also, but in the summer the show is performed on the main deck of the boat, so that would not be a problem.

Also this tour includes music that uses a loud sound, so for young babies it might not be convenient.


Is this tour available in all seasons?

Yes it is, except when the weather is so bad to a degree that Boats can’t go in the Bosphorus, which is rare actually.


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