8 Turkish manners you would better know
turkish manners


When you decide to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism, you will enter a different world from the one you know, and also check the Turks and the Turkish manners on fact.


In this article, you will learn many facts about Turkey, the manners of the Turkish people, and many other things. It is better for you to know about the Turkish manners before you visit Turkey.


1- Turkish manners – Hospitality

With their many classes, all Turks provide assistance to foreigners in their country, and some of the Turkish manners are hospitality and generosity.

You can say that the further you move away from the big cities and go to the villages and smaller cities, the more Turks love guests, but in Istanbul seeing foreigners is a normal thing that does not call for the curiosity of the local population.


2- Turks accept dogs and cats on the streets

In Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Health vaccinates dogs and cats and releases them again, so do not be surprised if you find cats and dogs on public roads or at the corner of the street, as they are pampered animals, and one of the Turkish manners is that they feed them and never harm them.


Although these animals are gentle and harmless animals, it is not preferable to touch them a lot, as they do not receive any help regarding hygiene from anyone, and they cannot be considered clean despite their cute appearance.


3- Turks and street etiquette

In the most loud and crowded city in Turkey, as in Istanbul, for example, you cannot find anyone who is disturbing a girl on the road, as Turkish manners are conservative in this regard.


In public transportation, Turks do not like those who use loud voices in speaking and laughing, and this is whether the person is Turkish or a foreigner.


You cannot find someone staring at another person without a reason or without them knowing each other, and they also do not like someone pointing to them from afar. These things are often the cause of problems that may arise.


4- One of the Turkish manners is to bargain on the price

When you are not in a store of a reputable brand or a market, you are free to negotiate the price.


It is a custom of the Turks to negotiate the price and ask for discounts, even if they find this price appropriate, it is simply a matter of culture. The Turkish seller will not be surprised if you negotiate the price with him, and you can pretend to go to find him calling you to return for a new round of negotiations.


5- Welcoming and kissing with the Turks

For most of the Turkish people, no strange man can kiss a woman when he salutes her, only in cities like Istanbul you can find that among a limited class of Turks.


For men, if one of them greeted the other, you can find those who kiss each other or greet by touching the ends of the forehead, which may seem strange to those who see it for the first time, so do not be surprised if one of the Turks loves you and use his head to do this strange kind of greeting.


6- Respect my personal space

If you were in a public place with people you do not know, it is preferable “because Turkish manners” that you keep a distance between you and them, as they feel alienated from those who approach them very annoyingly, and in particular the distance between a men and girls.


7- Turks like to engage in political discussions

Turks cherish their country, Turkey, and most of them have a strong sense of nationalism, they also have opposition to the government, and have many parties.


Turkey can be considered a democratic country without a doubt, and because of this, freedom of expression is widespread among the Turks, and each person believes his own opinions. Many of them stick tightly to their opinion, so it is normal to find Turks arguing about their political opinions.

8- Turkish tea and Ayran yogurt

How many cups of tea do you drink a day? And how often do you drink it? The Turks are more than you in this regard!


In fact, a very large percentage of Turks consider tea the most important hot drink in the country, as they prepare tea in larger quantities than you might expect, and in some homes, tea is prepared 3-4 times a day so that it is always in hand.


Ayran yogurt is the cold drink known in Turkey as the most popular drink, not only because it is healthy, but because Turkey is a country that makes milk and its derivatives in abundance, and makes the best types of Ayran yogurt.


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