Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus 10 Destinations Tour
Istanbul Tour with Bosphorus Cruise and Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace and Bosphorus Istanbul Tour

Dolmabahce palace tour day is never like any other day, and since you are in Istanbul, you can be the lucky one and check the most important destinations and activities in the 10 Destinations Dolmabahce Palace and Bosphorus Istanbul Tour.


On this half day tour we will be able to visit the following items:

Dolmabahce Palace

– Royal Garden of Dolmabahce Palace

– Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque

– The Clock Tower

– Bosphorus By Boat

– Rumeli Fortress (from the sea)

– Pierre Loti Hill

– Cable Car

– Golden Horn (by bus)

– City Walls (by bus)


Dolmabahce Palace & Bosphorus Tour program


Pick Up

At around 08:30 am, and after having your breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up from your hotel, so be ready at the lobby and we will pick you up.


Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul Turkey

In Besiktas district of Istanbul, and right on the Bosphorus, and in a way that the Sultan would enjoy the view and run the whole Empire, Dolmabahce Palace which was established at 1843, was to be used by the Ottoman Empire’s Sultans, so you can imagine how luxury it should be, when you visit it you will find it more luxurious.


Royal Garden of Dolmabahce Palace

Consisting of basically 4 main gardens, the gardens of Dolmabahce Palace reflect the degree of organization, taste and Ottoman designs and structures.


While you pass by them you will be able to notice ponds, vases, sculptures and lanterns, also the touches of some foreigner gardeners such as Fritz Venze.


Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque

The Mosque, holds the name of the wife of Mahmud II Sultan, and at the same time the mother of the famous Abdulhamid Sultan, it was established in 1852 AD.

Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque
Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque

The Design of the Mosque reflects an Ottoman and European styles, and when visiting it, you will be able to check the marble and stone structures, which will add another flavor to your Istanbul tour.


Dolmabahce palace – Clock Tower

Dolmabahce palace The Clock Tower
Dolmabahce palace The Clock Tower

Next action on your tour is to meet the 4 Stories, 27 meters height clock tower at Dolmabahce palace. Until its construction was finished in 1895 AD, at that time’s currency it costed around 1.210.550 Mecidiye gold coins which makes around 350 Million Dollars. It has a luxurious design that is worth seeing on your visit to Istanbul.


The Great Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is not only a water path in Istanbul, It is the water path that separates the two continents into the very same city of Istanbul, which results into an Asian and European two parts of Istanbul.

Istanbul Bosphorus
Istanbul Bosphorus

While you are in the boat, be sure to use your camera and get a wonderful photos of the Bosphorus, with the legendary historical places on both sides of it.


Rumeli Fortress

This Castle was Basically Built at 1452 right on the Bosphorus, to observe it and defend against any ships crossing to help the Byzantine Empire, and that was at the time of the Sultan Mehmed II.

Rumeli Fortress of istanbul
Rumeli Fortress of istanbul

Check the 17 Different sizes towers of Rumeli Fortress, notice how they helped to prevent any ship coming from the black sea from passing the Bosphorus.


Pierre Loti Hill and Cable Car

This Pierre Loti hill, does have all what it takes to be a spiritual and natural tourism destination of Istanbul, it has the Tomb of Sultan Eyup “one of the main companions of Prophet Muhammad. Also the hill has an astonishing view of the Bosphorus and the Asian side from the famous Pierre Lottie Café.

Pierre Loti Hill in Istanbul
Pierre Loti Hill in Istanbul

You will Use the Cable car to climb up or go down the Hill, so get ready for a short and beautiful Cable car ride with a great view.


Golden Horn

The Golden horn is a small Gulf that takes the shape of horn. And because the color of its water looks like golden upon sunrise or sunset, it has the name “Golden Horn” or in Turkish Halic.

Dolmabahce palace tour -Golden Horn Istanbul
Dolmabahce palace tour -Golden Horn Istanbul

You will pass over the Golden Horn while you are in the car in your tour, and check this Gulf that separates between Sultan Ahmet & Taksim Areas.


City Walls

The city walls of the Constantinople “the old name of Istanbul”, which extend along 4 miles around the old city, were strong enough that they could only be breached twice in more than 1500 years long.

City Walls of old Istanbul
City Walls of old Istanbul

Checking these walls will be one of the best things to check, this is the history of the Old Constantinople the new Istanbul.


Drop off to your hotel

At around 01:30 o’clock you will be dropped back to your hotel in Istanbul, Hope to meet us again on another Turkey tour.


Tour includes

– A tour guide who speaks English.

– Hotel transportation in an air-conditioned car.

– Entrance fees to museums and rented places.


Tour does not include

Personal expenses, tipping.


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