Hot Air Balloon Flight in Pamukkale
Pamukkale hot air Balloon tour


Watching the sunrise while you are in the basket of the Hot Air Balloon in the air, and at an altitude that you can see over the landscape of the city of Pamukkale, is something you should do even once in your life! Learn about the Hot Air Balloon trip in Pamukkale with Turkey Tours Shop.


Hot Air Balloon flight program


Pick up and starting the journey

The time that you will be picked up from the hotel where you are staying in Pamukkale will be in the morning, which is a time that changes according to the times of the year to suit the time of sunrise, and on this trip the pickup time will be between 05:30 and 07:00 in the morning in general.


All you have to do is follow the timing provided by your flight advisor of Turkey Tours, and be in the reception area of your hotel to start your Hot Air Balloon tour in Pamukkale.


Note: Make sure to have your camera ready and charged with power before you start the flight, as the photos you can get on a Hot Air Balloon flight, may not be equivalent to any other photos you have taken before on any Turkey tour.


If the weather is cold, make sure to manage enough clothing, as mornings may include cooler temperatures, especially when getting high in the balloon.


Delivery to hot air balloon flight point

The driver will pick you up from the hotel and by using the air-conditioned tourist bus, you will arrive at the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flying Point.

Hot air balloons in Pamukkale - Flying point
Hot air balloons in Pamukkale – Flying point

The time for your arrival from the hotel to the flight point will not be long in general although the car may stop once or twice to pick up other tourists, it depends on your hotel’s location in Pamukkale, you can say that an average of 20 minutes is the time it will take to reach the Flying zone.


Monitor the process of inflating and preparing balloons

Your guide on this trip will explain the steps taken by the pilot and his assistant until the balloon is fully equipped. This process may involve examining various issues in the Hot Air Balloon professionally.

Hot air Balloon tour - preparing the Balloons
Hot air Balloon tour – preparing the Balloons

You will also be informed of your safety instructions, what to avoid and how to behave in all cases, and then you will climb into the balloon to start your journey to meet the sun in the air.


Hot air Balloon tour start up

As you board the balloon, the pilot will begin to pump more hot air into the balloon, which will mean the beginning of floating in the air. Notice the earth moving away from you and gradually getting smaller, note the beauty of the horizon and the sun that will be at the sunrise stage.

Hot air balloon tour in Pamukkale
Hot air balloon tour in Pamukkale

During the hour that you will spend in the air, you will be able to inhale oxygen in the morning and take the best pictures, just make sure that the special camera is attached to a belt to your body, because the vibrations in the basket of the balloon may force you to stick to the edge and leave the camera.


Landing the balloon, drive back to the hotel

After spending nearly an hour in the air, the captain of the Hot Air Balloon will choose the appropriate time for landing, hoping that this will not be the last time you take a balloon flight in Pamukkale.


Pamukkale balloon Turkey Tour includes:

– Transportation to and from the hotel in an air-conditioned car.

– A tourist guide who speaks English.

– Insurance for each traveler in compliance with ICAO requirements.

– A memorial aviation certificate for each person.

– Taxes and travel expenses.

– Full hour flying in the air.


The trip does not include:

– Personal expenses.

– Tipping.


Q & A


Is this a safe trip?

Yes, of course, this flight is completely safe, and there are a very large number of tests performed at verifying the safety of airships and their ability to fly efficiently.


Is there a possibility to cancel the trip? and what is the reason?

Yes, there is a possibility, the balloon flight in Pamukkale is usually canceled for reasons related to the wind, and so when there are unfavorable winds, the Turkish Meteorological Authority will issue an order not to fly any balloon in order to preserve the safety of people.

There could be snow, but nevertheless the balloon flight is made due to the absence of unfavorable winds.


Will I be compensated if the trip is canceled?

In the event that the trip is canceled, and you do not want to wait for a trip for the next day, you will be compensated directly, but if the return process is by credit card, it may take some time for the money to enter your account.


Are all ages allowed to take this trip?

All persons over the age of 5 are permitted to ride in the balloon, and it is generally appreciated who will ride the balloon to the pilot.


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