Tourism Costs in Turkey 2021
Tourism in Turkey

One of the most important questions that come to your mind when you think about tourism in Turkey is the question about tourism costs in Turkey, as tourism costs in Turkey are cheaper than tourism in many countries of the world, especially cheaper than tourism in Europe and America, and this is what made Turkey occupy a place Renowned in the field of tourism globally.

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Knowing the average costs of tourism in Turkey will enable you to make a decision that corresponds to your budget for travel to Turkey, and of course the costs that can be paid in Turkey or in any other country are a matter that follows each person and follows the quality and costs of his interests.


The table shows tourism costs in turkey and travel to Turkey for a period of 6 days per person if he has a companion in the housing.

Tourism costs in turkey
Tourism Costs in Turkey


Cost of international flight tickets

Booking airline tickets to Turkey is one of the most important steps to secure your trip to Turkey, and is an important fact.

Often everything else can be secured due to the presence of many alternatives. In the case of international flight, sometimes you will find that the situation is not going as you like in terms of price or in terms of flight times and available dates.


As for tourism costs in Turkey, and if you intend to book airline tickets in the peak tourist season, i.e. in the months of July, August and September, the cost of international flight will be as large as possible and one person may pay about 600 dollars for round trip on average, and this amount increases or decreases depending on many factors.


But if the date of your reservation is at the beginning or end of the tourist season, corresponding to the spring and autumn seasons in Turkey, you will most likely pay an average cost of about 400 dollars, and in the low season it will be about 350 dollars.


It is worth noting that these prices mentioned in approximate prices increase or decrease according to the competitive offers between companies and according to supply and demand, ie the availability of seats for the number of tourists who book airline tickets.


Airport transfer costs | Tourism costs in Turkey

Usually you need two transportation, the first is from the airport to your hotel when you arrive in Turkey, and the second is from your hotel to the airport upon your departure, and here we considered that you will get an airport transportation service while planning your visit to Turkey.


The average cost if you calculate it for one person will be about $30 per person to get the two connections if you are with another person and you share the cost, and usually the price for this service if the car is private is the price for a car that can accommodate about 6 people.


If your number is more than 2, the higher the number, the lower the cost of airport transfers per person.


Hotel accommodation expenses

The average accommodation is to stay in a 4-star hotel, and the average price for a room in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul, for example, and in tourist areas with relatively high prices, is about 100-120 dollars per night, and this is in the peak tourist season, i.e. where prices are more expensive.


Suppose you are staying in a room with another person for 5 nights, for example, the cost will be $600 per person and from that the cost per person is $300.


Never be surprised if you find a 3-star hotel whose room price is the same as in some 4-star hotels because there are many hotels in Turkey classified as 4-stars, but their service is not equivalent to 3-stars, and there are 3-star hotels Stars with high and excellent services.


In the end, each hotel’s price depends on its location and its services, and each hotel requests prices commensurate with the services it provides.


Cost of Tours in Turkey

If you want to visit Turkey, you should know that, after arriving at the hotel, you have two options if you want to spend fun times in Turkey, which are: booking daily tours in Turkey with a tour company in the place around you or by communicating with the tourism company in advance. The second option is to visit the sights and places to visit in Turkey on your own.


The average price of the tourist trip per person, if it is a group tour, ranges from 60-35 dollars per person, and if we assume that you will stay in Turkey for 6 days and 5 nights, and considering that on the day of arrival and departure you will not be able to do The thing is a lot, you will often allocate a day for shopping in Turkey and you will have 3 full days in which you can book 3 trips, the price of which will be about 150 dollars.


There are more expensive trips, but they are unique in themselves, such as the Hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia, in which the price of a trip for one hour may be 100 dollars per person or more.


Often within each trip there are some optional activities (getting photos of you and your loved one, games at an additional cost etc.) and these will be at an additional cost.


In the event that you are going to take a tour with a private car in Turkey, know that this costs you more than the case of a tourist trip within a sunset or a tourist group, and that the cost of this is usually the cost of a car for tourist rental that can accommodate about 6 people and usually costs between 100-130 dollars from the city itself.


In the event that you intend to take a tour to a city other than the one in which you reside, in this case the price will be about 150-250 dollars, which depends on the proximity or distance of the city you are visiting, and also depends on the number of hours you want to spend, for example, if you want to take a tour from a city Istanbul to Yalova, it will be closer than if you want to visit Bursa and climbing up the Uludag mountain.


Personal expenses

Your personal expenses are something that depends on the extent of your needs, which cannot be determined exactly but we have assumed here that the amount of $100 for a period of 6 days can suffice for what you may need.


Shopping expenses | Cost of Tourism in Turkey

Shopping is an important part that is inseparable from any tourist activity, whether it is a tourist program in Turkey, which includes several days, including shopping days, spent in Turkey, or a daily tour in Turkey.


Most tour operators of tour companies include in their programs one or more shopping stations for those who wish, and there are many shopping centers, malls and outlet centers that you can visit.


You can shop depending on your need and your ability to resist the products Beautiful, excellent, and attractive Turkish prices. If you shop, you will spend the equivalent of 300 dollars for you alone, which is a good amount if the main purpose of your visit to Turkey is not shopping in itself.


Food costs in Turkey

In the normal case where you are staying in a hotel, breakfast will be present at the hotel by default, which you can have in the morning and is often included in the cost of your stay at the hotel unless you book your cruise without breakfast.


Lunch is usually obtained from any restaurant of your choice, unless your meal is included in the price of the daily tourist trip you have joined, and dinner you will often get yourself in one of Turkey’s restaurants.

The average price for a meal in Turkey in general (we do not mean a sandwich here) is about 10 dollars, slightly more or less depending on the type of meal and the level of the restaurant.


This talk is about regular and popular restaurants and not about some very expensive restaurants where you can spend on your own around $100 or more for your meal.


If you are going to stay for six days and eat lunch and dinner every day, you will spend on your own, on average, during the 6-day stay, around $120.



Based on the above study, you will find that the cost of tourism in Turkey per person ranges according to the date of your visit to Turkey between $1,200 – $1,500, and this study is if you intend to spend an average period of 6 days and 5 nights in a 4-star hotel.


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