Tourism in Konya and its attractions
Tourism in Konya

Tourism in Konya is wonderful and very distinctive, as this city is one of the best cities in Turkey and is a source of attraction for many residents and is easy to reach. Konya city contains many tourist attractions such as parks, archaeological sites, mosques, museums and other places that are considered to be the best for everyone who looks for Tourism in Konya.


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In this article, you will find your guide to the best tourist areas to visit during your trip in Konya.


Mevlana Museum | Tourism in Konya

Mevlana Museum is the museum of the Sufi leader Jalal al-Din Rumi, and this museum is one of the most important tourist destinations in Konya.


Mevlana Museum also includes the tomb of the leader Jalal al-Din Rumi, many ancient Sufi paintings, ancient war clothes, weapons and minerals, and some of the ornaments and other archaeological objects that you can discover on your own during your tour in Konya.


Mevlana Museum is located in the middle of a square close to a park where you can sit with your family members or family on the garden grounds and enjoy spending your day in that atmosphere and take many special souvenir photos.


Alaaddin Mosque in Konya

Alaaddin Mosque in Konya is one of the oldest mosques in Konya, and this place is one of the most attractive places in Konya for tourists and residents alike, as it has many tourist and recreational places alike.


In addition to the presence of the Aladdin Mosque, there is the castle of the city of Konya there, where it received the most important visitors in the past, and many kings used to live there. Your drinking.


Karatay Museum in Konya

Karatay Museum is one of the oldest museums that has been established in the city of Konya. This museum was established by order of Prince Salah al-Din, but this museum was previously one of the most important schools of religious teachings, and then it was included by the archeology museums, and it is now considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Konya.


Karatay Museum features many wonderful artifacts dating back to the ancient Islamic eras, pottery utensils, weaving tools, farming tools, along with many important paintings.


Selimiye Mosque in Konya

This magnificent mosque was built by Sultan Selim II. The mosque is distinguished by its wonderful appearance, as it consists of a large dome with many small domes and four minarets, and this mosque is located in front of the Mawlana Mosque, where you can, through your visit to it, enjoy visiting the Maulana Mosque, both of which are of the most important The ancient mosques that are loved by the people of Konya are among the tourist destinations in Konya.


Not only that, there are many cafes and restaurants in this area that specialize in serving the most delicious Turkish and international cuisine in order to enjoy the best possible trip in the Turkish city of Konya.


Aziziye Mosque in Konya

Aziziye Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Konya. It is characterized by the presence of magnificent Ottoman decorations inside, and from the outside with its towering minaret that attracts attention.


The best thing is that the mosque is located close to the most important commercial markets of Konya, where people prefer to go there when they come for tourism in Konya, where they can buy all the daily necessities of daily life and many souvenirs.


Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Konya, where Turkey is famous for this garden in the world because it includes a large number of butterflies of different colors and sizes, where you can take many wonderful souvenir photos with it.


The place there is also warm with a certain temperature to suit the conditions of the life of butterflies, where you can walk around the place or sit when feeling tired in the areas designated for rest, so do not miss this wonderful experience when you come for tourism in Konya.


Beysehir Lake in Konya

Beysehir Lake is one of the largest and most beautiful tourist places in Konya, where thousands of people go on vacation, because of its warm and clear waters, and its golden beach is filled with fine sand, and there are many water games for children.

Not only that, also families can rent boats and roam the waters of the lake, but there are some green spaces beside the lake where families can sit in and enjoy a wonderful evening.


Adalet Park in Konya

Adalet Park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Konya, where it is suitable for both family evenings and gatherings of friends.


While your tourism in Konya, you will notice that the park receives its visitors from early morning and has many children’s games, and a cafe dedicated to making delicious drinks and delicious Turkish food.


Seljuk Tower

This tower is one of the highest towers in Konya, with 42 floors, and is characterized by its beauty, which attracts tourists when they come for tourism in Konya.


The Seljuk Tower consists of many wonderful floors that you can rent one of them to spend a summer vacation in an elegant place, besides there are many cafes and restaurants along the tower.

You can eat in one of them and watch the city of Konya from the top in a wonderful and very distinctive panoramic view.


Japanese Park in Konya

The Japanese Garden is one of the most distinctive places in Konya, as it is a source of attraction for tourists and residents alike. By entering the garden, you will feel like you are already in Japan because of the distinctive Japanese architectural style of the place.


You can wander around and admire a variety of flowers that you will not find in any other garden, as they were specially planted by Japanese specialists.


You can also see many wonderful fish that are found in the waters of the Japanese garden lake. You can also sit in one of the places in the garden designated for this, or eat the special food or drinks offered by the cafe inside.


Q & A | Tourism in Konya


Where is Konya located?

Konya is located in the middle of the south of Turkey, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the surrounding fertile plains, which adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to Konya.

Konya city was the capital of Turkey in the past, but now Ankara is the new capital of Turkey, and this has made Konya a tourist center that distinguishes it from other cities Turkey.


What is the distance between Ankara and Konya?

The distance between Ankara (the capital of Turkey) and Konya is about 262.91 km. The speed of access to Konya varies according to the means of transportation used. But though you can reach it in a quarter of an hour by plane or three hours by car.


Distance between Konya and Istanbul?

Tourists often ask when they come for tourism in Konya about the distance between Konya and Istanbul. Actually it is 633 km, which is approximately seven and a half hours by car, but in the case of traveling by plane, you can travel this distance in only half an hour while you decide to do tourism in Konya.


Closest airport to Konya?

Ankara International Airport is the main airport of the capital, Ankara, and the best of them all, through which you can reach Konya with ease. Konya International Airport is the nearest and best airport in Konya.


What is the best time to travel to Konya?

Spring is the most appropriate time to travel for tourism in Konya, as the climate during that period is very wonderful and the length of the day is long, which guarantees you more beautiful times. Some tourists also prefer to go to Konya during the winter, when it rains and many places are filled with snow, they can then try snowboarding and enjoy that special atmosphere.


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