Istanbul old city 9 destinations tour
Istanbul Old City - Sultan Ahmet the Blue Mosque

Istanbul old city tour in istanbul

Get ready to meet the greatness of the old City of Istanbul, with all the remarkable historical landmarks made by many civilizations and empires who created this history.

After breakfast, and at 8:30 AM, you will be picked up by your guide from hotel and start your Istanbul old city full day tour.

Istanbul is not just a modern city and an economic capital of Turkey, and if this is the first time you visit Istanbul, you should know that Istanbul old city tour is a must for you for a better understanding of the historical value of this city.


Istanbul Old City Tour Program


Hagia Sophia

Visit one of the most important architectural masterpieces that was built in the era of the Roman Empire, and it was made to be one of the most important churches in the era of the Romans.

Istanbul Old City - Hagia Sophia
Istanbul Old City – Hagia Sophia

Despite the need to rebuild and restore them later in the era of the Ottoman Empire, but it is still standing until now. Note the wonderful domes the motifs are ubiquitous within the Hagia Sophia, check the enormous marble columns and the beautiful mosaics.


At the moment, the Hagia Sophia was opened as a house of worship where the Turks enter it for prayer, you can notice the greatness of the construction of this important archaeological landmark from afar even before you enter it.


Istanbul old city tour – Blue Mosque 

This mosque was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, and that was in the year 1616 AD.

The Blue Mosque - Istanbul Old city
The Blue Mosque – Istanbul Old city

On the Istanbul old city tour, you will see that this mosque is characterized by the presence of six minarets, unlike the rest of the mosques that contain fewer minarets, and the mosque is supported by four huge columns, and the inside of the mosque is lit by 260 windows.


The Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a testament to the greatness of the stage that Constantinople went through during the Ottoman Caliphate era.


Hippodrome, Obelisk and Serpentine Column

Your next stop is to visit the Hippodrome on the Istanbul old city tour, this square was a place where horse races were not only conducted, but a place to gather for celebrations, feasts and public matters at the time of the Roman Empire.

Hippodrome, Obelisk and Serpentine Column
Hippodrome, Obelisk and Serpentine Column

The Romans decorated the Hippodrome with columns and monuments brought from around the world, including the serpent pillar from Delphi and the obelisk of the Pharaonic king Thutmose, which was later called the obelisk of Theodosius, as the Romans considered bringing these relics to Constantinople as a display of power and showing the empire’s strength and its expansion around the world.


German Fountain

In the nineteenth century, the German Emperor Wilhelm II donated this fountain to the Sultan as a token of partnership between the two countries, following a deal to build a railroad linking Istanbul and Baghdad that the Germans were supposed to implement.

German Fountain – Istanbul old city tour

This fountain is characterized by the presence of dark green solid columns, green domes painted with copper and ornate arches. It is also made in bronze, and it is considered one of the most distinguished fountains due to the quality and luxury of the materials it is made of.


Grand Bazaar

When you visit the Grand Bazaar, you will wish you could stay for many hours, as this market, which was established in 1455 AD, is still functional until now.

Istanbul Old City - Grand Bazaar
Istanbul Old City – Grand Bazaar

During the reign of Sultan Ahmet the Conqueror, this market, which the Turks call the Closed Bazaar, was opened and was dedicated to jewelry and clothing of various kinds.


When you visit the Grand Bazaar, you will be able to see many products, including fabrics, clothes, jewelry, decorative vessels, antiques, carpets and souvenirs.


On the Istanbul old city tour it is difficult to enter this market without wishing to buy many things.


Topkapi Palace

You will visit the Topkapi Palace, which is considered the first museum in the Turkish Republic, and it is one of the most wonderful things you may see in Turkey.

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace was not only a residence for the Ottoman sultans, but it was the administrative headquarters for all the affairs of the Ottoman state, and also a place for education and the arts in their many forms.


Imagine that this palace contains more than 300 thousand archived documents, and there are many priceless archaeological objects, including weapons and tools, as well as a Spoonmaker diamond carefully preserved in this museum.


You can learn about 4 different squares and also different gardens and pavilions that the Ottoman rulers used to use for different purposes.


Basilica cistern

On Istanbul old city tour you next station is the Basilica Cistern, which was built by the Byzantines in 565 AD, and there is a church in the same place as this building.

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul old city
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul old city

The Legend says that Medusa with the head of a snake, had the ability to turn the emperor’s ministers into stones, and for this reason her head was placed in this palace, so this place was used to preserve valuable items.


When entering this palace, you will feel as if you have entered the underworld, where there are many marble columns that give you a feeling of the grandeur of this building and that it is a place of great privacy.


At around 05:30 PM, you will be dropped at your hotel, and this will be the end of Istanbul old city tour with us.


Istanbul old city tour includes

– A tour guide who speaks English.

– Hotel transportation in an air-conditioned car.

– Entrance fees to museums and rented places.

– Lunch during the trip.


Tour does not include

Personal expenses, tipping.


How to book this tour?

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If you are inside or outside Turkey, it would be a great advantage if we know about your available time so we would be able to best organize this tour or any other tour in Turkey.


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