Laodicea Tour with 10 activities

On The Laodicea Tour with 10 activities to do, you will visit the following items in a 1 day tour:


– Zeus Temple

– Theatre

– Church of Laodicea

– Monumental Fountain

– Odeon

– Caracalla Fountain

– Syria Avenue

– Gymnasium and Stadium of Laodicea

– Lunch break

– Honaz Waterfalls

– Kaklik Cave


LAODICEA is the name of this ancient city that was established by the river, nowadays it is close to Denizli city in Turkey, it was also one of the places that contained Christianity and it is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.


Laodicea Tour Program

At around 09:30 Am and after you get your breakfast, we will pick you from your hotel in Pamukkale, and we will get started with the great Tour of Laodicea city, it is a tour into the ancient Roman Empire’s lifestyle and culture and we will visit the following items:


Zeus Temple

This temple is thought to be established in the third century AD, and it was dedicated for worshipping Zeus “the king of Gods”, at this part you will be able to see the remaining parts of the Zeus temple and get many interesting photos.


Theatre at Laodicea tour

Few are the people who have the chance to visit a 2200 years old theatre, the theatre of LAODICEA city was a place where plays, performances, announcements and many other activities used to be held in it, and it has the capacity of 15.000 person.


Church of Laodicea

The church’s remaining parts are available for you to check, this very church is mentioned in the bible, and by visiting the church of Laodicea you will definitely have a spiritual connection to that place.



Monumental Fountain

It is one of the remarkable things to see in Laodicea tour, since it was made of marble by the romans, and it had the purpose of providing people of the city with pure water, you will be able to check the place of the cistern that was connected to the freat Fountain on your Laodicea tour.


Laodicea Tour – Odeon

The Odeon is the place where plays, lectures and statements used to take place at the Roman Empire at Laodicea city.


Visiting this place will give you a good idea about the greatness of the Roman Empire and that they were never less than the modern cultures, maybe just different.


Caracalla Fountain

On the Laodicea tour you will also visit this Fountain, which was built at the time of Emperor Caracalla, it crossed many repairs through time by the Romans themselves, and then the Structure of the Fountain was used to become a baptistery, the walls of the fountain have many decorations explaining many mythological issues such as the killing of Theseus by Minatauros.


Syria Avenue

It is one of the main streets of the Laodicea city, it connected the east-west sides of the city, and while you walk the Syria Street in Laodicea, you can check and get photos of the many columns at the right and left sides of the Avenue.


Gymnasium and Stadium of Laodicea

It will be another experience for you to be right at the same place where Roman Athletics, Gladiators and fighters used to be.


The Stadium of Laodicea is a 21.000 Square metered one, it has also 24 rows of seats, and the Gymnasium was dedicated for the Emperor Hadrian and his wife Sabina.


A Lunch break will recharge your energy again

Be our guest and get your lunch meal at a local restaurant near the Ancient city of Laodicea.


Honaz Waterfalls

If you were a Butterfly, and you have only one day to live, you would not find more beautiful place than Honaz waterfalls, you will enjoy the natural scene of the waterfalls and walk around for a around 20 minutes.


Kaklik Cave

This is a part of your tour where you will enjoy the miraculous shapes made in the cave combined by the thermal water.


Kaklik Cave is a cave decorated with dripstones, stalactites and stalagmites. There are travertine steps in Kaklik Cave, which has a structure similar to Pamukkale travertines.


The other name of Kaklik Cave is known as Kucuk Pamukkale or Pamukkale Cave. There is thermal water in the Kaklik Cave that is used for many therapy issues.


At the end of your tour, you will be transferred to your hotel in Pamukkale (or to where it is arranged with us), and that should be around 16:00 PM.


Laodicea Tour includes

– A tour guide who speaks English.

– Hotel transportation in an air-conditioned car.

– Entrance fees to museums and rented places.

– Lunch during the trip.


Tour does not include

Personal expenses, tipping.


How to book this tour?

If you want to proceed and book this tour, please contact us by filling out the form in this page or contact us by mail.

If you are inside or outside Turkey, it would be a great advantage if we know about your available time so we would be able to best organize this tour or any other tour in Turkey.


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